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Empowering Lives Through Reusable Cups
In a world where every small step counts, one determined individual is making waves with a mission that's as refreshing as it is crucial. Meet Hamide Rexhepi, a compassionate nurse with a vision to protect the Earth and sea life while nurturing healthy habits, all through her business venture – reusable cups that not only quench thirst but also the planet's need for sustainability.

A Mother's Inspiration

Hamide embarked on this journey with a personal drive fueled by the desire to make a difference for her own young daughters. Recognizing the importance of hydration, she found a creative way to keep her daughter engaged – a stylish reusable cup adorned with vibrant designs. This simple solution not only encouraged her daughters to drink more water throughout the day but also sowed the seeds for a remarkable business idea.

From Scrubs to Sustainability

As a dedicated nurse, Hamide has always been committed to healing and well-being. However, her passion extended beyond the confines of her medical profession. Driven by her love for the environment and the marine life that inhabits it, she decided to take a leap and channel her energy into a project that aligned with her values.

Cups of Change

The heart of Hamide's business lies in the heartening stories shared by customers. Each reusable cup isn't just a vessel for beverages, but a catalyst for change. Through her cups, families are reducing single-use plastic waste, teaching future generations about responsible consumption, and contributing to the broader cause of environmental preservation.

A Ripple Effect

The impact of Hamide's initiative is tangible. She's not just selling cups; she's sowing the seeds of awareness and inspiring others to embark on similar journeys. Countless individuals have shared their joy at receiving these cups as gifts, citing not only their practicality but also the sense of purpose they represent.

In a world where disposable culture has often overshadowed sustainability, Hamide is shining a light on the potential for transformation through conscious choices. Her dual roles as a nurse and a change maker are a testament to the power of individuals to effect positive change in more ways than one.

Join the Movement

As Hamide's business thrives, so does her mission to protect the Earth and its oceans. With each sip taken from a reusable cup, a message of sustainability and responsibility resonates. Join the movement and sip for change – for your health, for the environment, and for a brighter future.


Share your own experiences with the cups and let's create a ripple effect of change together.

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